Lunch Box

and Lunch Break

Do you need a quick but refreshing break in your work day, to reset your ideas during a demanding meeting, to receive a client in style or to do team-building with your employees? The answer to all these needs is our innovative Lunch Box delivery service: compose your box with the menus we offer, based on your needs, relying on the quality of the food, on the unmatched variety of choice, and on the contemporary of the style.

Why choose it?

This service will allow you to receive a healthy and tasty meal,
cooked a few minutes before delivery:
authentic just like you were at home.

Every morning in our kitchen lab we prepare Lunch Boxes for office employees and private university students: no, it is not the usual canteen food! We offer food made by seasonal ingredients, that we cook just before delivery and pack it into a bio-organic takeaway box, with everything needed to eat.

On what occasion

The Lunch Box delivery service is available every weekday and holidays, for single supplies and for continuous periods. We welcome all your requests to propose the types of boxes most suited to your needs.

Where can we organize it?

We deliver wherever you need it, at the agreed time: at the door of your office or conference room, in movie or shooting sets, in lounge areas of airports and tourist bus terminals, at sporting and cultural events, or why not, directly to your home.

Do you want to organize an event?

We are totally available for all the information you need:
we will find the best solution for you.