Corporate events

We offer a catering service for business breakfast and lunches, but also for business lunch, coffee break, open days and inaugurations.

From the most institutional to the most informal event, our proposals will satisfy every taste and needs. Always fresh and genuine ingredients with our chefs who will propose the most suitable menu for every needs.


To combine quality and practicality, what you need is our lunch box delivery service: compose your lunch with the menus we offer based on your needs, counting on the quality of the food, the great variety of choice, and presentation in contemporary style. The lunch boxes include bio disposable cutlery.
The Lunch Box delivery service is available for individual delivery and for continuous periods.

We deliver wherever you need it: to the door of your office or conference room, inside film sets or advertising shootings, in airport lounge areas and tourist bus terminals, at sporting or cultural events.
We have an industrial-style open space of over 150 square meters in Prato that we use to organize private coffee break, business and corporate events